Readers’ Comments on Better Aerobatics

I have really enjoyed your book-Better Aerobatics. I have about every book written on the sport but you have the best, so far! Every little bit someone adds or discovers a better way and it makes our sport better. Your book is very detailed and has enlighten me very much. I especially like the power on spin recoveries for more advanced students but now I show everyone the power on way not so much for them to use as a standard recovery method but it helps demystify the spin it’s self

Johnny White


Better Aerobatics is the best book written on the subject. I know because I have them all. I continue to go back and re-read it as my skills improve, and I never fail to pick up something new!

Bill Weber


Thank you, Alan. I have certainly enjoyed your new book. I think it is excellent and it has helped me greatly.

Mark Holmes


Your book has helped me immensely. I flew my stock Pitts S1T in Unlimited last year and did well with it, using your book to help with the difficulties early in the season. Thanks for a book that made a real difference for me!

Rick Volker


Every pilot, aerobatic or not, should read this. Alan doesn’t just tell you how to fly the manoeuvres but also why they need to be flown that way. The amount of information he provides regarding what the aircraft is doing during each manoeuvre allows you to fully understand what is going on. This lets you really analyse how you fly the manoeuvres yourself and thus how you can improve your own performance. Not just in terms of how to fly more accurate figures but also how to optimise energy use throughout each manoeuvre.

I’ve been using the book during the past couple of weeks and it has made quite a difference to my sequences. Its easily the best book out there. Highly recommended

Ian Scott


At long last he`s done it! Having been nagged by many of us for some years, Alan Cassidy has finally committed to print what he has learnt from more than a decades aerobatic coaching. Those of us who have benefited from his instruction are very familiar with Alan’s lucid, articulate, and often entertaining style. Better Aerobatics is all this and much more. The book is a must whether novice or experienced aerobatic competitor, display pilot or instructor. It’s a fairly weighty publication at close on 500 pages, but this is `no holds barred stuff`. You get the lot! From learning to develop basic coordination and handling skills, through to the intricacies of competing at Unlimited in a World Championship. No one in their right mind would deny that aerobatics can be a pretty dry subject. However, Alan manages to tip toe the fine line between a detailed technical analysis of our sport, and light hearted anecdotal musings. For me it is his ability to find unique ways to illustrate his point that sets this book apart from the rest. Muller may have made the first real attempt at a detailed analysis of aerobatic figures, but to date this publication is the final word.

Mark Walden


Congratulate Alan on a superb book. The blend of technical and practical is outstanding and, as a considerable bonus, truly entertaining.

The spatial awareness / ‘where to look’ stuff is excellent. The first few chapters have certainly enthused me to constructively re-evaluate the characteristics of my plane before moving forward again on a more enlightened footing. Brilliant. –

Tony Pledger


Alan, just finished your book. It is great. It eclipses the other aerobatic books…

Charles Schumacher


Just finished reading your book. Its a marvellous read, very informative and instructional, the best of its kind on aerobatics by a very long way

Brian Cornes

As a new aerobatic pilot I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed “Better Aerobatics”. I’ve purchased it for friends who are getting into the sport and the response is always positive

Chip Gibbons