Pitts S-2A G-ODDS

Description and Specification

  • Factory-built in Wyoming in 1980, Serial Number 2225, registered N31486.
  • Imported into England in 2005, registered G-ODDS.
  • Two-seat sport biplane of conventional steel tube, wood and fabric construction.
  • Certificated to +6/3G in Aerobatic Category, max aerobatic weight 1500lb.
  • Lycoming AEIO-360-A1A engine producing 200hp at 2700rpm.
  • Mulbauer 3-blade wood/composite constant speed propeller.
  • Max level speed approx 164mph, Vne 203mph, normal cruise 145mph giving 10gph.
  • Bendix fuel injection system, Christen inverted oil system.
  • 2-place canopy for all-weather operation.
  • Wider fuselage for extra passenger comfort.
  • Longer undercarriage for slower landing speed.