Roll Your Own Aircraft

Dual aerobatic instruction is available in your own aircraft when you visit us at West London Aero Club, White Waltham.

Costs are shown below. These cover an appointment length of 90 minutes
and include flight briefing and debriefing.

To make an appointment to meet an instructor at White Waltham, ring:

  • Alan Cassidy on +44-(0)7808-059881 – £50.00 per lesson, plus VAT
  • Simon Abbott on +44-(0)7767-776074 – £40.00 per lesson, plus VAT
  • Mike O’Reilly on +44-(0)7989-688406 – £40.00 per lesson, no VAT

The aircraft’s C of A or Permit to Fly must allow aerobatics, as must your insurance policy. The aircraft must have a recent weight and balance schedule showing it to be within the specified envelope. A Flight Manual must be available for examination.